Chapel of The Angels

This beautiful and inspiring Chapel of the Angels is available for memorial services and private meditation. Its natural lighting and patterned granite floor create a sacred and reflective atmosphere for year-round visitation by family and friends. Visitors will find the chapel filled with the warmth of bronze crypt fronts depicting angels that can be selected for memorialization.

Temple of Memories

The Temple of Memories, one of the nicest indoor mausoleums in the country, accommodates 8,000 crypt spaces and 1,200 urn niches. Built in 1961 and added to several times since, it is known for its stained glass, exquisite marble, and the Raymond F. Moreland Memorial Chapel.

Customized Family Mausoleums

There has been a trend toward family mausoluems which can be built in a range of sizes and styles. We work with master craftsmen to create customized mausoleums to your desires and specifications.